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latest news

Hot Spot WIFI Service
montgomery town hall & square gets wifi

G17 is proud to have been instrumental in providing Montgomery Town Hall and Broad Street with Public WIFI access enabling the Town Council to offer WIFI services to visitors, residents, business and community events.

Using the latest in WIFI technology, the installation has been future proofed and is adaptable to future technological changes while also ensuring compliance with relevant public access requirements.

Providing WIFI hardware components for such a historic building had met with some challenges. Asbestos areas had to be identified and avoided and cables had to be kept out of sight. Providing power to each AP would have involved additional expense so PoE AP's were used throughout. Public hotspot servers have also been deployed to meet with current UK laws and these have been configured with DNS proxy to ensure a level of filtering. Remote access to the whole system was also required so the site, equipment and configurations can be managed remotely.

G17 Web design Landsway
simple 1 page scrolling website

Another website done, two more to go before the end of the month. One thing I love about building these is the insight into the lives of these people. Darren has a genuine love of the wild, nature and its inhabitants and making the best of the surroundings to ensure protected species have the best chance possible where us folk wish to tread.

G17 Web design for Welshpool Camera Club
new look website for welshpool camera club

A brand new site design for the Welshpool Camera Club to attract more members and adapt across various device screen sizes. A modern fresh design based on the bootstrap framework

G17 CCTV repair for local farmer
farm cctv repair & test

Local farmer with an extensive range of farm machinery approached G17 with an enquiry for CCTV repair on a system that had been installed over 5 years ago. G17 carried out a survey and agreed to try and get all 10-camera’s working plus CCTV recorder. The recorder would not view any images from any of the camera and was also not recording. Further investigation revealed that the hard drives had failed and internal fan had stopped working. Luckily all that was wrong with the camera were bad joints and power feed failures. Three cameras are PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom, as shown in the image above) so the data pair had to also be checked for continuity and data.
With 2 new CCTV compatible hard drives installed, a new fan and a software update the CCTV was as good as new. Old taped joints replaced with grease filled crimps and new power feeds all 10 cameras are now working. Our client was impressed with the success rate of the repairs and we are now in the process of alarming some of the offsite lock ups - deploying some very useful technology

G17 website design for Welshpool Camera Club
industrial boiler remote access

Large business requiring remote monitoring and diagnostics of boiler functions and performance. Along with this G17 also provided access to boiler email functions so various employees and boiler engineers will have immediate access to error reports simultaneously

G17 Newtown Council IT and Telecoms
newtown council new telecoms and i.t infrastructure

G17 is proud to have become supplier of choice for Newtown Council IT and telecommunications infrastructure......

“The migration to modern and manageable technologies has given Newtown Council greater flexibility and efficiency to meet the needs of the councils work and services. Ed Humphreys,Town Clerk, added “winning this bid owes much to G17’s specialist knowledge, ease of use and cost. The project was deployed on time despite very tight timescales, in a quality manner and with no interruption to the normal running of the office”. “The solution proposed by G17, backed by its expertise and by G17’s commitment to deliver everything on time has made what could have been a complex deployment - a seemless and delightful experience"

computer Services in detail

G17 provides a range of services to the home user. Hardware & Software Provision, Upgrades, Diagnostics, Maintenance, Repairs, Antivirus, Email, backups and much more. We carry all common components that tend to break so we can try and get you up and running in a single visit.

G17 provides a range of business services. Hardware & Software Provision, Security, Backup, UPS, VPN, Remote Access, Remote Monitoring, Wireless and Network Cabling, Racks, Patch Panels, Servers, Workstations, Diagnostics, Provision & Upgrades. A lot of our work involves farms, milking parlours and wireless connectivity, so whatever line of business you are in, G17 will have something to meet your needs.

Website design & Hosting as required. G17 utilises content management systems such as Wordpress so once the site has been set up - you take control, from CSS frameworks to Bootstrap depending on your requirements. From basic one-page set ups to dynamic websites incorporating Room Booking Systems, Event Ticket Sales, Hotel Bookings and Appointment Schedulers plus online payments. We ask for time to learn about our customers’ needs, look at the business and build private tests sites for customer review before launching. We understand security and its implications and can deploy secure websites based on content and requirement, we don't sell you anything you don't need.

CCTV can be a minefield of complicated jargon, it was for us when we looked into providing this as a service - so we teamed up with one of the biggest UK CCTV suppliers and asked them for training so we could provide, with confidence, a professional service and cherry pick the best technology from the vast range of CCTV solutions available ensuring you get the right installation to meet your needs.

Part of our CCTV installation service is to come and meet our customers and understand the sort of service required. A site survey is carried out based on your requirement, we will then contact you again with a proposed installation and a quote and include additional notes on the survey if savings can be made or if the installation needs enhancing.

Domestic & Business Telecoms. G17 provides an internal telecoms services. From home wiring & extensions, internal broadband moves, (room location moves for example) to Business PABX hardware, programming and setup. We also provide a diagnostic service to help our customers prove a fault away from their own wiring minimising costly visits from telecom service providers where the fault is found to be internal and the customer is charged for a call out.

Portable Appliance Testing is vital to protect your business and its employees. Electrical safety is not just limited to businesses, of course; landlords, pubs, hotels, teaching establishments and voluntary organisations are also responsible for ensuring the regular testing of all appliances. All portable appliances with a mains plug / lead need testing. This includes: computers, monitors and peripherals requiring mains power audio and telephone equipment requiring mains power kettles, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances vacuum cleaners extension leads soldering irons glue guns and more. More on PAT Testing here

G17 can reset lost passwords, recover lost data, remove data through Data Destruction using Weircliffe BTE 220M "SEAP 8500" degaussers. We offer two levels of data recovery.
Level 1 is through deep scan software on drives that are in a working condition.
Level 2 is through sending drives off to a "Clean Lab" for data recovery

Please review our Terms & Conditions regarding Forensics before contacting us 

G17 provides a photography service where you may require a photographer in relation to various projects you have on the go, for example, a Bed & Breakfast website design requiring high quality images of rooms. G17 photography service its one of our most popular service offerings, so much so that we've created a dedicated website that can be viewed here: G17 Photography Services