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Conversion Equipment

We use studio quality recording equipment using calibrated audiophile components to ensure the best audio is extracted from the source media

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Pops & Clicks - A thing of the past

Whatever the media format and depending on it's condition we can eliminate a wide range of noise, hiss, clicks and pops from Tape to Vinyl while maintaining audio excellence

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Audio Tapes

We use audiophile quality playback machines incorporating full head calibration, wide frequency ranges and the full complement of Dolby Noise Reduction from B through to S

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Vinyl Conversion

We use a fully calibrated turntable using the Ortofon Blue cartridge. All media is then recorded through a high-end sound card using select input Op-amp devices

Weddings, Christenings, birthdays, graduations, keeping those precious memories can be a worry with tapes going mouldy, sticking and breaking. We can help, we can restore most tape formats and convert to modern media that will last a life time. Using the best broadcast playback equipment to ensure not a frame is dropped. Contact us to find out more about our service and pricing.

From Audio Cassette Tapes, Reel to Reel, Minidisc and more, we can convert your audio media to digital and from digital to digital ensuring the quality is never compromised and where it is, we will do our best to restore the audio integrity to its best. Vinyl recording can be enhanced, pops, clicks and hiss taken out using the very best in audio capture, we use audiophile quality components to capture the source as well as hi-end computer recording devices used in the most modern studio environments.

Vinyl is coming back in popularity with sales now overtaking CD. To ensure you are getting the best from your vinyl we can visit your home and setup your turntable to ensure it is getting the best out of your cartridge and vinyl pressings. We test cartridge alignment, Azimuth and Tracking using industry standard techniques

We provide an all-round fault, fix, upgrade service including valve and transistor amplifiers, tape decks, turntables, speakers and more. If you have an audio item that you would like repaired or upgrading, please get in contact


G17 can offer a wide range of computing services. From home computing, custom builds, workstations and servers including operating system installation. Along with this we also provide support and have an extensive range of parts for most repairs. WIth experiance in most operating systems covering Windows, MAC OS and Linux, G17 is your one stop shop for everything I.T