G17 Electronic Services

Covering Mid Wales & Shropshire
We specialise in all types of audio equipment.

From high-end audio to most makes of guitar amplifiers

Guitar amps

Electronic & Audio Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

We service old amplifiers bringing them up to a safe working condition. We evaluate any work required and suggest any work that would improve on the overall sound and reliability of the amplifier. We have access to most current circuit diagrams and in particular we have approved access to most Marshall Amplifier circuit diagrams direct with Marshall themselves who only release content to proven competent engineers. We utilise high quality components throughout for signal quality and reliability.

solid state amps

Electronic & Audio Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

We love valves, we really do - but we also love transistors and are more than happy to have a look and evaluate any repair or upgrade required for your amplifier. We cover most topologies, Class A, AB and dabble a little in D & G as shown above (Class G) So, whatever your needs, get in contact and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements

hifi Audio Systems

Electronic & Audio Services Mid Wales & Shropshire

From valve amplifiers to Class A solid state, we repair and upgrade your hifi components to the best possible standard. All of our repairs use high quaility components especially capacitors as this is where most common breakdowns and audio degradation takes place. We use a range of capactors depending on the depth of upgrade that is required but default to Nichicon & Jantzen. For guitar amps we use Nichicon or Rubycon and Fenders have thier own - the 'Fender Pure Vintage Red'